A New Beginning

I decided a few weeks ago to begin a blog that would allow me, as a new mommy, to meet and talk with other mothers on a neutral ground. I have the intentions of communicating about day to day events, venting about problems and finding solutions, reviewing the various products that I find and am personally interested in, and review and raise awareness about the safety, or lack there of, of the products and places that my itty bitty uses and goes to.

My Story – I am a preschool teacher but a stay at home mommy for the time being, a student studying Child Development, and a wife to the most amazing man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Back in June of 2012, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was born perfectly healthy and four hours after he was born, things went downhill. He stopped breathing for unknown reasons and was airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center’s NICU. He never recovered and six days after he was born, he passed away. Needless to say, when I found out I was pregnant again, I started really thinking about the safety and effectiveness of products made for children and mothers. I am a preschool teacher, so I’ve been looking into products for a while, but not like this. I started looking at and researching ingredients, looking at pieces and parts of a product, and really thinking about the appropriateness of a product in regards to the age group it was made for. I told everyone from my husband to my doctors that I was going to be an anal and neurotic parent, and I’ve lived up to my words. That doesn’t mean though that I don’t to have fun with my son, I definitely want him to play and experience everything and go places. I just male sure that he has the best quality products available.

I welcome all of you to take part in this blog. I want to know everyone’s opinions and experiences and welcome you all to make this as merry and comfortable of an environment as possible!


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